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Glittering prizes and endless compromises

Shatter the illusion of integrity

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25 January 1973
Do I have to? Crap.

Professional geek, who has no idea of time management. DINKY.

Was a game columnist until the final shudder of the dot.bomb era took me down.

You gotta have frrriiieeeeennds...

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A short glossary:

  • YHB: Your Humble Blogger. Generally preceeds a statement which requires a total lack of humility.

  • ACB: Ancestral Casa Bitter. The home of generations of Bitters before me. Okay, one generation. But it's home.

  • Hall-iday Hallmark Holiday. Days you don't get off and that have no religious, historical or secular basis whatsoever, and exist only to sell you crap to give to other people, regardless of how deserving they are.
  • Cynra The wife. It's much more clever than I care to discuss with the likes of you.

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