TheBitterGuy (thebitterguy) wrote,

Can't win for winning.

Marvel has apparently gotten smart faster than DC (shock!), but still managed to do in a way that's also very stupid (double shock). My new books yesterday included two Marvel books (Iron Fist & AX-M) a DC and a DH.

The Dark Horse was cover price of $2.99 US, no Canadian price. The DC was $2.99, $3.65 Canadian. The Marvels? $2.99 US, $3.05 Canadian. Okay, sure that's a better rate. But why are they bothering with a six cent difference? And, with their hoping around on prices, can we assume we'll get a Canadian price that's lower than the US one?

There's also another grain in the gears here: If Canadian prices reach parity or go below US prices, my deal to get my comics at US cover is gonna start to suck.
Tags: comics

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