TheBitterGuy (thebitterguy) wrote,

Hoo'd Win!? Part Keep Me Searching for a Heart of Kryptonite

In the world of Comics Blogging, there are the kings, and there are the guys who don't know what the purple healing ray is.

Mike Sterling is a king, and I'll bet he knows what the purple healing ray is.

Mike likes Swamp Thing. No, he REALLY likes Swamp Thing. He owns the Swamp Thing Chalk.

One day, in discussions on Prog Ruin, someone asked: Who would Win, Swamp Thing or Metallo with a White Kryptonite Heart.

Mike, of course, replied "Swamp Thing. Like Superman ever lost just because Metallo had a green Kryptonite heart.". A valid point.

But, my loyal bitterites, I sense bias. Mike loves the old Swamp Thing. You are a more impartial audience.

So, make your choice! Hoo'd Win?! The Elemental with a heart of gold, or the Cyborg with a heat of White Kryptonite?

Choose! Choose now! Choose wisely!

Poll #798708 Hoo'd Win!? Metallo with a heart of White Kryptonite,or Swamp Thing?

Hoo'd Win?! Elemental Vs Menal

Metallo with a White Kryptonite Heart
Swamp Thing
Tags: comics, hoo'd win, poll

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