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Today in He's Not Being Satirical, He's Just Being American

Okay, so way back in the day there was a book about Batman. It was called the Dark Knight Returns. It was written and drawed by Frank Miller, who's since gone completely Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Anyway. DKR was set in a horrible future, where Ronald Reagan was still president and madness ruled the streets. In one scene, Batman has gone undercover to capture a group of neo nazi gangsters who are robbing local bodegas. While in his hideous street lady makeup, he staggers through the robbery, slurring "Sebbin lebbin got this for two fitty!"

Oh, I thought, Frank Miller, you are a cad. Seven Eleven selling cheap liquor to the homeless! How mad!

Then, I get older, visit the states a bit, and realize, nope, they just sell liquor there.
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