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Today in A Mild Sense of Disappointment

Okay, so a few weeks ago I was browsing some GNs at BMV's Bloor street store. The entire top floor is wall to wall comics and compilations, and I can usually drop a few bucks (too many) there each time I visit.

So I picked up a copy of the Hercules: Prince of Power compilation. Hercules has undergone something of a renaissance recently under the hands of Greg Pak, but the character is still pretty consistent as a sweet talking superpowered frat boy. Who doesn't love a real deity, after all?

Anyway, Layton wrote and illustrated a couple of miniseries starring Herc in the early '80s, and I had only read the fourth issue of the first one (with the infamous "Hercules slips Galactus a mickey" sequence). So I picked up the Prince of Power HC compilaiton, which included the two minis in full.

They pretty much delivered what was promised, eight issues of Hercules wandering the universe in a horse drawn chariot. It's fun space fantasy, with a goofy robotic sidekick/straight man and the introduction in the second series of a Skrull with no gender issues at all.

The only disappointment was that the book's back cover promised interviews with Layton, which appear to be missing from my copy. Apparently this book is limited to 607 copies, which is a strange number to limit your print run to.
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