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In which I read the Starman Omnibus

Robinson's Starman was one of those series that I missed due to my hiatus from comics in the '90s. I got a few singles here and there, and the first trade, but never got into it enough to actively search for the rest of the books or trades.

I have a friend who's sung its praises heartily enough over the past decade that when I saw the Starman Omnibus advertised, I figured I'd pick it up.

So, yes. The book started up with an issue #0, which I understand was quite popular with a while. It starts with the Mist and his family going to war against the Starman clan. The new Starman is the first casualty, shot down by a very lucky pistol shot of some kind.

That leaves his father, the Golden Age Starman, and his other son, obnoxious dilletante and junk dealer Jack Knight, against the Mist.

The first story is a strong introduction to the setting and its characters. You get a sense for jack Knight, Opal City, and the supporting cast right off the bat.

The Omnibus, which contains the first 17 issues, includes the opening arc of Mist & co vs Starmen, Starman's visit to the Circus, and (what I assume is only the first) Mist vs Starman rematch.

It looks like the black sheep of the O'Dare family (what a fascinating name that is, too) is apparently the reincarnation of classic DC western character Scalphunter, well known for occasionally appearing in backup stories in Jonah Hex. The rest of the family are an interesting bunch, the straight arrow cops of Opal City.

There's a single issue story about the GA Starman's adventure with the JSA when Ragdoll turns into a successful Charles Manson type, leading to him being excecuted accidentally by the JSA members. Which is a huge copout, really. I don't think the Flash can not notice whether or not he kills someone. The previous issue's description of the event had sounded like it was a calculating decision on the part of the JSA, whereas the story shows it as more an excitement of the moment thingy. Really gotta call bullshit on that. Hope it gets cleared up in a later issue.

There's a couple more single issue stories, one with The Shade and his adventures with Oscar Wilde and another with Jack and his deceased older brother David having a heart to heart in a graveyard. Apparently, that happens once a year.

The story is a good read, and I'll definitely be getting the rest of the omnibuses (omnibi?)*.

What was also amusing is when I was reading some of the author's stuff from the original run I thought "Man, this Robinson guy is a bit of a douchebag, eh? I mean, seriously, he doesn't think his shit stinks."

Then I get to the epilogue for the omnibus where Robinson says "Wow, I sure was a douchebag back then, eh? Mr. 'My shit don't stink'?"

Good to see you've caught up with us, Jim. You still aren't forgiven for LXG.

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