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What, you're his buddy now or something?

There are weird things to be seen online among people who talk about comic book characters. Particularly those of us who enjoy the long underwear set.

The strangest thing is the way people refer to the characters. I, personally, refer to them by their codename. That's how the book sells, right? You don't read "Invincible Daniel Rand" or ""James Barnes". You buy Iron Fist and Captain America.

It just strikes me as... strange when I see someone refer to a character by their secret ID instead of as the character. It belies a certain belief of intimacy with the character that is really not possible. Seriously, if John Byrne poops himself when people call Superman "Supes", how do you think he feels when they call him "Clark" or "Kal"?

I really don't care. That was entirely hypothetical.

In any case, yeah, I'm sure I've slipped and referred to a charatcer by non-standard nomenclature on occasion (if I ever refer to Ambusy Bug as "Irwin", shoot me in the face, m'kay?), but as a habit, or an affectation, it just seems weird. And yes, weird compared to reading funnybooks about guys in long johns punching each other.
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